Monthly Archives: April 2020

Last Week’s ISIS’ Editorial was Dedicated to the Lake Chad

The editorial of week’s al-Naba magazine, ISIS’ weekly publication, was dedicated to the Lake Chad. It discuses recent operations in the sub-region and highlights how cracks in the military cooperation against it and  Covid-19 will help its affiliates in the sub-region. The piece entitled “Difficult Times for the Tawaghit of West Africa” starts with celebrating Chad’s withdrawal of its troops

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The Death of 44 Boko Haram Fighters in Chadian Prison Raises Several Critical Questions

Chad’s Version It is been reported that 44 suspected Boko Haram fighters have died a Chadian prison. The deceased were part of those captured by Chad in its recent onslaught on the group after their attack that killed nearly 100 Chadian soldiers last. Upon winding up “Operation Wrath of Bohoma”, which was lunched following the assault, the Chadian army said

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